Maximum Martial Arts

Krav Maga - Kickboxing - Taekwondo in Flagstaff, AZ


We Teach the 3 Rules of Success!
Our Lil' Dragons (ages 4-6) course will give your child a head start on a successful future

Training at Maximum Martial Arts will greatly increase your child's confidence and self esteem.
See, unlike team sports, martial arts training provides everyone a chance to participate.
There are no "bench warmers" in our classes. The key is our belt system. Every time a child
earns his or her new belt, they know they have done so by their own merits and not by the teams
effort or record. Parents will notice this improvement in their child, by the way they resist peer pressure
and in the way they speak and carry themselves with confidence.

We teach respect - EVERYDAY! Parents appreciate the way we reinforce the "Golden Rule"
on a daily basis. We teach our members to not only demonstrate respect in the classroom to their
instructors and fellow classmates, but to carry this trait everywhere (home, school, etc.).
It is our goal to bring back this "forgotten" or little used character trait - one black belt at a time!

At Maximum Martial Arts we have a great time with the kids and we always make the training fun,
yet we are very clear about limits. We believe self discipline is the foundation for success.
It is with this acquired self discipline, that parents (and children) will see improvements
at home, school and in other activities.



Option 1 - Monday & Wednesday at 4:40-5:15 pm (Hurry, 1 Spot Left)
Option 2 - Tuesday & Thursday at 3:50-4:25 pm (Sorry, Class is FULL)
Option 3 - Tuesday & Thursday at 4:40-5:15 pm (2 Spots Left)


Flagstaff Testimonials

"My son Max has been involved at Maximum Martial Arts since he was 4 years old. The program has been outstanding for my son for his physical and mental development. Max has learned discipline, self control and respect. It has also given him a great deal of self confidence. He is a little short for his age, but when he comes to Maximum Martial Arts he participates as an equal. We plan on staying until he reaches his black belt. Thank you so much for the great program and thank you for reinforcing the values I am teaching my son at home. We LOVE Maximum Martial Arts!"
- Jesse Waitz

"My personal opinion is I have the highest respect for Master Ginter and all his staff. Each and everyone of the staff are so very good with the children. It is very nice to the see the patience and care shown to the children, even though I know there are times that are so trying, but I tell you I have to say Master Ginter you are truly the absolute master at this. It is something to watch, the children are mesmerized by your voice, they always stay tuned in (you are so gifted - definetly the Holy Spirit). What I love about Maximum Martial Arts is that it goes hand in hand with school and home. The way everything that is handled is very professional. Thank you ALL for everything you have done for my daughter."
- Pat Winsor


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